Why Black Tartan?

The spectacular view from the devils point in the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland.


BLACK TARTAN is a blended malt scotch whisky with its heart in the Cairngorms, a mountain range on the east Highlands of Scotland. It is a region which has been at the forefront of distilling for centuries and remains so today.

Gaelic, once the predominant language in the area, has largely disappeared as spoken word but it has left an indelible mark on the land and are still used to vividly describe the surrounding countryside. Carn Dubh (black cairn), Lurg Dhubh (black ridge), Cnoc Dubh (black hill) all describe the peat in the ground and the heather on the hills.

Each of the spirits in our blend is aged in a range of highly charred (black) casks, enabling the best possible reaction between the whisky and the wood and giving a strong butterscotch and vanilla palate.


Scotland is rightly famous for the rich and colourful tartans that we produce and the same sort of skill and dedication that goes into weaving strands of wool together, also goes into the marriage of the various highland malts to create our whisky.

Master blenders have taken the very best elements those malts possess to fulfil the brief of creating a scotch that was beautifully smooth, but rich
and well rounded – thus enabling you to drink it as it comes, or with anything you feel like adding.The result is beyond expectation. Black Tartan is improperly good whisky.
Trade orders are now being taken with a 6-8 week delivery schedule and samples are available upon request. Black Tartan is available with or without box and range of sales and marketing support can be provided upon request.
Please contact alex@blacktartanwhisky.com
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